On April 25, Grupo Pulso and Mobile World Capital organized the event «Andalusia and Catalonia: Digital Transformation between Administration, Industry and Citizens», at the Mobile World Center in Barcelona.

The event brought together professionals from all around the health system: public administration, physicians, experts in technology applied to health and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry.

The event focused on the possibilities that new technologies, especially in mobility, offer the health system to improve its efficiency, both in treatment and management, with the aim of placing the patient as an active part of the process Management of their Health, and the challenges that this entails, at a technical and legal level.

The event was attended by Carme Pratdepàdua, from the TICSalut Foundation, which from Catalonia promotes the creation of mobility and interoperability environments to face these new challenges. Pratdepàdua stressed the importance of creating standards for the creation of health apps.

Javier Ferrero, director of systems and technologies at the Health Quality Agency of the Regional Government of Andalusia, stressed the importance of collaboration between agents, especially public-private relations, to improve the health system: «Public-private collaboration will Be a key factor for the success of the digital transformation of health. »

In the most technological part, Barbara Vallespin, Mobile World Capital, raised in what situation in terms of digital sophistication is society (main beneficiary of the digital transformation of health), and Pep Rodriguez, Atomian, concrete what can do Cognitive computing, through Artificial Intelligence, to improve the knowledge that can contribute the data that are already within the health system itself.

From Pavia and Ansaldo, attorneys Elena Felici and Meritxell Roca explained the current situation in the regulation of apps and software in relation to their consideration of medical devices.

On the other hand, Joan Escudero, from Grupo Pulso, explained the challenge posed by one of the most ambitious projects being carried out in the field of digital health transformation: the Digital Patient Experience, a study for understanding of the needs and opportunities that patients of different diseases require throughout their healing process or, in the case of chronic patients, throughout their lives.

Finally Albert Gallart, CEO of Grupo Pulso, reflected on the future of medicine with the incorporation of technology: the possibilities that the Big Data together with the sensorisation can contribute to the knowledge of clinical practice.