Public Administration

Public health systems and health institutions increase their management efficiency, obtaining better results in patients’ health, through our services of support to the decision making and the digital transformation in health care

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Clinical Trial Platform
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Patient Management
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Digital Systems Transformation
Clinical Processes Analysis
Cognitive computation
Implementation and deployment
Accreditation and certification

Success Stories


Mobile application owned by the TicSalut Foundation and the Society Sanofi Pasteur MSD, SA, public and free, addressed to both citizens and health professionals. The application allows the user to know and follow the current vaccination calendar in Catalonia, obtain information on vaccines and diseases that prevent and record both [...]


Self-help system for the person with alcohol dependence. The application offers advice for reducing consumption and for abstinence and allows people to monitor both consumption and compliance, based on the goals that the individual set or agree with his doctor.

IS3 – Integration of health and social systems

Project that aims to facilitate interoperability and integration between the different information systems of health care providers and social services favoring the continuity of care and the integrated management of welfare and social processes centered on the citizen and adapted to the reality of each one of the territories to [...]

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