mDepression: an app for monitoring depressive disorders

The mDepression project (IDI-20170232) is co-funded by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI). Depressive disorders have a significant impact on the quality of life of people. In addition, they suppose a greater utilization of sanitary resources, important morbidity, and a marked mortality by suicide as well as a high association to physical diseases. In [...]

Public Procurement for Innovation (PPI): a new business opportunity

The Public Procurement for Innovation (PPI) is an opportunity for hospitals, the health system and companies to generate innovative health solutions that revert to the quality of patient care from many perspectives. Last March 6, Grupo Pulso in the session on CPI organized by ACCIO (Agency of the Competitiveness of the Company of the Generalitat [...]

Grupo Pulso joins TICBioMed to contribute to the promotion of the digital transformation of healthcare organizations

Innovation and digital transformation. The health of the 21st century requires the digitalization of health organizations and pharmaceutical laboratories. Despite the great technological offer, these large organizations often have difficulties in incorporating this innovation. To influence the promotion of this digital transformation, Grupo Pulso has joined TICBioMed as a partner. TICBioMed is a business association [...]

Innovative solutions: Grupo Pulso participates in the guide of business initiatives of the Galician Health Service

The Galician Health Service (SERGAS) has presented a Guide of business initiatives of innovative solutions, because of a market consultation carried out to promote open innovation and create synergies between the public sector and the business sector. Grupo Pulso, always committed to innovation and public-private collaboration in the field of health, has participated by publishing [...]

HealthTech Innovation Challenge 2018 –promoted by Grupo Pulso

To involve the university in this "triangle of innovation", the HealthTechCluster presented on Thursday, November 23, the HealthTech Innovation Challenge 2018, where three cluster companies: IN2, Grupo Pulse and Vecmedical, propose open challenges to multidisciplinary groups of students that will have a prize of 3,000 euros. In this way, we seek to expand innovation circles [...]

HealthTech Unconference 2017: Challenges of the health ecosystem debated to create disruptive solutions

More than 100 people from the health ecosystem participate in an active co-creation session to raise the technological challenges in the field of health On November 23, 2017 in Sabadell, the HealthTech Cluster (Health Technology Cluster) organized the third edition of its annual debutante day with a new format called 'unconference'. The day had more [...]

The Digital Patient Experience program improves the quality of life in chronic diseases through the use of mobile technologies

The program, already developed for diabetes and asthma, is an example of the innovation possibilities resulting from public-private collaboration for the design of a global map around a pathology. DPaX (Digital Patient Experience) is a digital transformation line created by the ICT Social Health Foundation of the Generalitat of Catalonia, and in which Grupo Pulso [...]